Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Get Rad 7" Now Shipping!

The GET RAD Choose Your Own Adventure 7" (PMM033) is finally finished and will start shipping this week. They came out great! The colored vinyl copies have an extra layer of ink applied to the cover as well as colored paper for the booklets which match the vinyl color (blue, green, pink, purple). Plain brown chipboard covers come with the black/grey vinyl. Not shown in the pic, but these come with an awesome 8-page CYOA-style illustrated story/lyric booklet stapled inside the cover. Only $4 plus shipping.

At the the time of pre-orders I didn't offer the ability to pick a color, so those who pre-ordered will receive the most limited color available. Blue and green copies are sold out though there's still plenty of pink and purple left.

Distros/stores should be able to get them soon from Ebullition. Or get in touch for possible trades.

Order your copy now!
Stream the full EP here!

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