Thursday, July 15, 2010

PMM is moving.

Sooo, at the end of July I'm leaving old Richmond, Virginia on a cross-country move to Missoula, Montana. This has been a long time coming and only recently did I decide to go forward with it. I'll be going out with my wonderful girlfriend, our little dog, a handful of personal possessions, and some bits and pieces of the label. PMM will continue out there, but will most likely be scaled down a bit, at least for the foreseeable future.

In an attempt to make the move a bit easier on us and my car's suspension, I'm doing a big sale on most of the PMM releases now through July 25, after which I will be taking down the store for a few weeks. Additionally, I've put up a 20% off coupon for all orders. Just type in JULY20 during checkout. Big orders will get free stuff. Bigger orders will get copies of just about everything extra I've got lying around (that will fit into the mailer). Take advantage of the sale here.

The next few months will see lots of touring as well as a few little releases: a repress of Kowloon Walled City's "Gambling on the Richter Scale" LP (co-released with Feast of Tentacles from England) as well as a limited run CD version of that one, and, limited run cassette versions of Thou's "Tyrant" and "Peasant" in some sort of hand-printed packaging. Kowloon Walled City will be touring the east coast for two weeks in September and October with Batillus from NYC. Dates and details for that are materializing here. The Catalyst will be doing a US tour in October. Ancient Sky will be doing a European tour in October. Thou will be doing a lot of little weekends and shows this fall, including a few with KWC/Batillus. Busy times.

More news on all of these things after the move. And maybe some pictures from the road too. Until then, consider picking up some of the releases at some heavily discounted prices. Thanks for the support.

-Paul / PMM

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