Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Thou / Moloch 12" & Cassette Available for Pre-order

THOU/MOLOCH "Tears That Soak A Callous Heart"

Now available for preorder, the long-awaited pairing of Baton Rouge, Louisiana's THOU with Nottingham, UK's MOLOCH, will be out on 12" and cassette in late June on The Perpetual Motion Machine (US) and Feast of Tentacles (UK). On this monstrous split release, Thou offer up two epic new songs of crushing sludge/doom with hints of melody while Moloch drop three down-trodden new songs of heavy, hateful sludge.

The 12" will be packaged in reverse printed, black and white jackets and heavyweight printed inner jackets, with all copies on clear vinyl, limited to 1000. The cassettes are pro-pressed with black ink on white shells and come packaged with letterpress-printed j-cards, a lyric sheet and a silkscreened patch, limited to 300.

For the pre-order, we have also created a limited run of 12"x19" silkscreened posters that will be included with the first 100 orders from each label (limit one poster per person) and will be available in limited quantities from the bands on tour. Thanks to Adam @ Gilead Media for the printing help!

I hope to have my copies assembled and ready to ship around June 18. It will be in stores and distros shortly after. The bands will have tapes shortly and should have vinyl starting around the second week of their June/July US tour (see dates below).

Pre-order now

For those in Europe/UK, please order from Feast of Tentacles.

June/July US tour dates
Full details at

06.10 - Tulsa, Oklahoma
06.11 - Albuquerque, New Mexico
06.12 - Tempe, Arizona (matinee)
06.12 - San Diego, California
06.13 - Tijuana, Mexico
06.14 - Los Angeles, California (matinee)
06.14 - Los Angeles, California
06.15 - Los Angeles, California (matinee)
06.15 - Los Angeles, California
06.16 - Santa Barbara, California
06.17 - San Luis Obispo, California (matinee)
06.17 - Santa Cruz, California
06.18 - Los Altos Hills, California (matinee)
06.18 - San Francisco, California
06.19 - Oakland, California
06.20 - Berkeley, California (matinee)
06.21 - Santa Rosa, California
06.22 - Eureka, California
06.23 - Salem, Oregon
06.24 - Portland, Oregon
06.24 - Portland, Oregon (matinee)
06.25 - Olympia, Washington
06.26 - Seattle, Washington
06.27 - Missoula, Montana
06.28 - Fargo, North Dakota
06.29 - Sioux Falls, South Dakota
06.30 - Omaha, Nebraska
07.01 - Columbia, Missouri
07.02 - New Orleans, Louisiana
07.03 - Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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