Friday, April 23, 2010

Thou & Moloch Releases Announced

I am proud to announce that Perpetual Motion Machine is collaborating with Baton Rouge, Louisiana's THOU on four upcoming releases, currently in the works for early summer release. PMM will be releasing their split with MOLOCH, from Nottingham, England, on 12" vinyl and cassette formats (both co-released with Feast of Tentacles Records), as well as deluxe packaged cassette versions of their albums "Tyrant" and "Peasant".

All of these are in various stages of production and should be available in early June. Thou and Moloch will be doing a US tour in June and July in support of these releases and several others.

Additional details and preorder information to be announced in the coming weeks.


(Photo: Thou at Scion Fest, March 2010, taken by Christopher Mumma)

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